Social Psychology

Student Learning Program

Chapter 4: The self

Research Activity: Name your choice

Make a list of 20 people you know (and have the required information about) and list their names. Next list their home town, their profession, and the street they live in, and then write down the name of their partner. Do you see a similarity in the names?

This exercise demonstrates the tendency people have to choose cities, jobs, partners, and streets with names that resemble their own names (SP p. 108).

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In this chapter

  1. Chapter 4 introduction
  2. Constructing the self-concept: What we know about ourselves
  3. Constructing self-esteem: How we feel about ourselves
  4. Effects of the self: Processes of self-regulation
  5. Defending the self: Coping with stresses, inconsistencies, and failures
  6. Chapter overview (PDF)
  7. Fill-in-the-blanks
  8. Multiple-choice questions